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My urban gourmet honey is made by healthy bees using no chemicals. The honey is raw and not blended - it is pure. My bees are not overworked, my colonies are permanent and I do not make them "chase the flow", so they are more content and undisturbed. Their honey is also superbly healthy with superior anti-bacterial action and anti-allergen qualities as documented in health studies. The bulk of my honey is sold in offices of longevity doctors, chiropractors, fitness centers, and health food stores. Use it for your health needs or for your pleasure; there is nothing better. Raised right where you live, it's the best natural defense against allergies and pollutants.

My bees gather and eat a wide variety of local flora-pollen and nectars according to the seasons. Off season they have their natural stores and are not robbed of their laborious virtue, and they are not fed artificially. They are gentle creatures allowing their surplus to be enjoyed by a very lucky few, wise enough to know the healthy value of honey raised right where you live. I have hives located throughout Pinellas County, and manage each and every one myself.

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